Light Falling Like Rain 2015
Acrylic and body colour on chalk gesso
60 x 40 cm 


Radical Drawings                                

The radical drawings depict the tacit balance of chaos and order within the collective elements that compose the mineral and plant kingdoms.  Aspects of life in the multiverse are expressed in the work through pictorial waves of light and dark, via the delicate and spontaneous process of  mark making. The drawings are primarily a recognition of the various types of spirit that are present in the everyday reality of our landscape and plant worlds, offering a positive acknowledgment of that which currently remains unproven.

The works can be viewed both as symbolic and actual. During the drawing process, specific mental energy is infused into the materials and the pictorial form as well as the white or black space in which it lives.  With all that this implies,  the message of the work will always exist on many levels and be portrayed in layers as a multi-dimensional experience over seen by an original memory.



Re-questing Balance 2008
Carbon and graphite over wash on paper
30 x 30 cm


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